Microsoft Sponsored Windows 8 App Development Hackathon


Demco Learning Centre

When: May 6th, 9 am to 5 pm
Where: Demco Learning Centre, X-wing, ICICS/CS
This workshop will cover:
  • Overview of tools used to develop Windows 8 applications
  • Workshops that will give time to practice using these tools
  • Windows 8 store app publication process
By the end of the day, you'll have enough knowledge to develop and complete a Windows 8 app for a variety of devices! It'll be fantastic way to also gain experience in app development and also comes with its own set of perks such as the Developer Movement program. 
This is an initiative that will have Windows 8 developers obtain a variety of prizes among access to other benefits such as your app being promoted on the Windows Store and 1:1 with experts on app development.
Don't worry, the event will be fully catered with complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner provided to get you guys through the day! Even if you already started developing your app, you can join us to finish it off! We'll provide as much support as possible! 
And of course, we'll have our own set of prizes, including a $400 cash prize!
See you guys there!
NOTE: You must have Windows 8 and ideally the developer tools already installed on your computers for this workshop.
If you don't have it, here are some resources and guides that will help you.
You can use your Dreamspark access as a Computer Science student to obtain a copy of Windows 8 and the developer tools. 
Looking to gain some app development experience? Join us for a one day workshop that will achieve just that by learning the essentials in developing Windows 8 applications for PC's and tablets.
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