Current UBC Students

If you are in the Faculty of Science and have already declared a specialization and who wish to switch into a CPSC specialization, you should apply to the Department of Computer Science directly.  

Please note that we only have one intake per year in April/May to start the program in September. 

More information about the program requirements for your chosen specialization.

If you are currently in another faculty and wish to transfer into the Faculty of Science, and then into Computer Science, you should first meet with a Faculty of Science advisor, and then with an advisor from the Department of Computer Science regarding possible course exemptions.

Current second- and third-year students who transfer into the Faculty of Science normally wind up with second-year standing, but have the option of seeking third-year standing, if they are promotable to third year. If you wish to be considered for third-year standing, then this needs to be done through the Faculty of Science.

The department will not accept applications from students who:
 - have 4th year standing
 - have 3rd year standing & have completed more than 90 credits in their degree program