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UBC CS TR-96-11 Summary

Experimental Design: Input Device Protocols and Collaborative Learning, June 1996 Joanna McGrenere, Kori Inkpen, Kellogg Booth and Maria Klawe, 49 pages

This document outlines an experimental design for a study that investigates peer collaboration in a computer supported learning environment. Sections of this document have been adapted from a CPSC 533b term report by McGrenere et al. (1995) which outlined a similar experimental desgin. In the proposed study we examine different ways of supporting peer colloration which, for the purposes of this study, refers to two students working on a single comptuer playing an electronic game. The standard computer is configured with only one mouse and therefore when two students share a computer they need to share the mouse as well. We want to investigate the impact of adding second mouse to the configuration such that each child would have their own mouse.

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