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UBC CS TR-77-10 Summary

A Simulation Study of Adaptive Scheduling Policies in Interactive Computer Systems, November 1977 Samuel T. Chanson and C. Bishop

A number of adaptive processor scheduling algorithms (i.e, those that will adjust to varying workload conditions so as to maximize performance) for interactive computing systems are examined and new ones proposed. The performance indices chosen are the mean response time and the mean of those response times less than the x percentile for some x. The robustness of the algorithms are studied and a brief discussion on the overheads involved is included.

Simulation is used throughout the study and because of this, the simulator and the workload used are described in some detail. The target machine is a somewhat simplied version of the UBC system which operates an IBM 370/168 running under MTS (Michigan Terminal System). The UBC system is principally used interactively.

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