Technical Reports


A VUCOM-4 Visual Editor
Bary W. Pollack
On the Invariance of the Interpolation Points of the Discrete $l_{1}$-approximation
Uri Ascher
On Reading Sketch Maps
A. K. Mackworth
Computers and the Mechanization of Judgment
A. Mowshowitz
A New Notation for Derivations in Chomsky's Generative Grammars
J. L. Baker
An Unambiguous Scanner for Special Character Tokens
R. A. Fraley
Unlanguage Grammars and Their Uses
R. A. Fraley
Simulation in a Theory of Programmable Machines
J. L. Baker
Coroutines in a Theory of Programmable Machines
J. L. Baker
FUNL Semantics Work Towards UNCOL
R. A. Fraley
A Simulation Study of Adaptive Scheduling Policies in Interactive Computer Systems
Samuel T. Chanson and C. Bishop
Duals of Intuitionistic Tableaus
G. Criscuolo and R. Tortora
Assaulting the Tower of Babel: Experiences with a Translator Writing System
Harvey Abramson, W. F. Appelbe and M. S. Johnson
A Collocation Solver for Mixed Order Systems of Boundary Value Problems
Uri Ascher, J. Christiansen and R. D. Russell
Evaluation of B-splines for Solving Systems of Boundary Value Problems
Uri Ascher and R. D. Russell
Deductive Question-Answering on Relational Data Bases
R. Reiter
On Closed World Data Bases
R. Reiter
Some Connections Between the Minimal Polynomial and the Automorphism of a Graph
A. Mowshowitz, G. Criscuolo, R. Tortora, Chung-Mo Kwok
Topics in Discourse Analysis
J. E. Davidson
On the Separation of Two Matrices
Jim M. Varah