Bridging Module

The Bridging Module consists of a coherent set of 15 credits of upper-level courses (i.e. courses numbered 300 or above). The purpose of this module is to enable students to explore connections between Computer Science and another discipline. Often

Academic Schedule

Below is a sample schedule for the BCS (ICS) program. Your schedule will likely differ (e.g. taking ENGL 110 rather than ENGL 112 or extending the degree to take an extra academic term), and depending on the timing of course offerings, may have to

Core Curriculum

The department has eight core curriculum courses that are required by most specializations. CPSC 121 is the only course that falls under two streams (Systems and Theory). The core courses are contained under one of three streams, each of which

Transfer Credit

Students transferring from another institution must apply for admission to UBC. Students applying to the Faculty of Science will have to go through the 2nd Year Specialization process to be considered for admission to Computer Science. Students

Labs & Tutorials

You should register for lab or tutorial sections in the same way that you register for your courses. Here are some common registration concerns. I'm registered for the lecture, but all labs/tutorials that fit my schedule are full Keep trying to

Wait Lists FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about wait lists. Please note when you're registering: Sections with the character 'W' in them (e.g., 2W1) denote wait lists. Academic Advising info The CPSC course that I want to register for is full