Getting promoted to 2nd, 3rd or 4th year in UBC Computer Science has specific requirements. Please refer to the UBC Calendar for details on how to qualify for promotions.

Admission Policies

Note: *These policies do not apply to the Science Second Year application process ( ). How to apply for admission to a Computer Science Specialization If you are a high school student, please see high


Minor in Computer Science Please refer to the instructions for the Major in Computer Science (BSc or BA) , as you will be subject to the same competitive admissions process. This applies to students in all faculties. Minor in Data Science Newly

Current UBC Students

If you are in the Faculty of Science and have already declared a specialization or if you are in the Faculty of Arts , you must submit an application directly to the department. Determine your eligibility first . If you've completed first year in UBC

Transfer Students

If you are transferring from another institution, you must apply for admission to UBC first , and through the Faculty of Science (or Arts, etc.). For information on transferring credits, see Articulation (Transfer Credit) Information for Incoming

High School Students

Your starting point If you are a high school student, you must complete first year in one of the three faculties that offer Computer Science (CS) specializations (listed below). The CS Program is not available to first year high school or college