Interfaces for Web Service Intermediaries

S. Forghanizadeh, I. Minevskiy and E. Wohlstadter
Publishing date
June 05, 2007
10 pages
The use of XML as a format for message exchange makes Web services well suited for composition of heterogeneous components. However, since the schema of these messages must be understood by all cooperating services, interoperability is still a significant problem. There is often some level of semantic overlap between schemas even when there is no syntactic match. We are interested in supporting interoperability through the use of partial interface adaptation. Using Web services, it is becoming common for clients to share adaptations provided by a Web service intermediary. Given a Web service and an intermediary, we generate the interface that can be used by a client taking into account what can happen at the intermediary. We provide examples using publicly available service schemas and a performance evaluation for the purpose of validating the usefulness of our approach.