Technical Reports


Discussion of "The Dantzig Selector" by Candes and Tao
Michael P. Friedlander and Michael A. Saunders
Relationships Between Human and Automated System Identification of Physical Controls
Colin Swindells, Karon E. MacLean and Kellogg S. Booth
On Solving General State-Space Sequential Decision Problems using Inference Algorithms
M. Hoffman, A. Doucet, N. de Freitas and A. Jasra
Imaging and 3D Tomographic Reconstruction of Time-varying, Inhomogeneous Refractive Index Fields
B. Atcheson, I. Ihrke, D. Bradley, W. Heidrich, M. Magnor and HP. Seidel
Interplay of Tactile and Visual Guidance Cues under Multimodal Workload
M. J. Enriquez, K. E. MacLean and H. Neilson
Localized Broadcasting with Guaranteed Delivery and Bounded
Hosna Jabbari, Majid Khabbazian and Vijay K. Bhargava
Understanding Performance for Two 802.11b Competing Flows
Kan Cai, Michael J. Feeley and Sharath J. George
BRDF Acquisition with Basis Illumination
Abhijeet Ghosh, Shruthi Achutha, Wolfgang Heidrich and Matthew O'Toole
A Toolbox of Level Set Methods (version 1.1)
Ian M Mitchell
Information Mobility Between Virtual and Physical Domains
Garth Shoemaker
Contour-based Modeling Using Deformable 3D Templates
Vladislav Kraevoy, Alla Sheffer, Michiel van de Panne
Interfaces for Web Service Intermediaries
S. Forghanizadeh, I. Minevskiy and E. Wohlstadter
Glimmer: Multilevel MDS on the GPU
Stephen Ingram, Tamara Munzner and Marc Olano
Global and finite termination of a two-phase augmented Lagrangian filter method for general quadratic programs
Michael P. Friedlander and Sven Leyffer
Efficient Optimal Multi-Location Robot Rendezvous
Ken Alton and Ian M. Mitchell
Optimizing Acquaintance Selection in a PDMS
Rachel Pottinger Jian Xu
A Study-Based Guide to Multiple Visual Information Resolution Interface Designs
H. Lam and T Munzner
MAGIC Broker: A Middleware Toolkit for Interactive Public Displays
Aiman Erbad, Michael Blackstock, Adrian Friday, Rodger Lea and Jalal Al-Muhtadi
GLUG: GPU Layout of Undirected Graphs
Stephen Ingram, Tamara Munzner and Marc Olano
A Tutorial on the Proof of the Existence of Nash Equilibria
Albert Xin Jiang and Kevin Leyton-Brown
An Inner/Outer Stationary Iteration for Computing PageRank
Andrew P. Gray, Chen Greif and Tracy Lau