Technical Reports


Multi-evidential Correlation & Visual Echo Analysis
Esfandiar Bandari and James J. Little
Free Speech, Pornography, Sexual Harassment, and Electronic Networks
Richard Rosenberg
Automatic Synthesis of Sequential Synchronizations
Zheng Zhu and Steven D. Johnson
Design and Analysis of Embedded Real-Time Systems: An Elevator Case Study
Ying Zhang and Alan K. Mackworth
On Seeing Robots
Alan K. Mackworth
A Computational Theory of Decision Networks
Nevin Lianwen Zhang, Runping Qi and David Poole
On Finite Covering of Infinite Spaces for Protocol Test Selection
Masaaki Mori and Son T. Vuong
Formal Verification by Symbolic Evaluation of Partially-Ordered Trajectories
Carl-Johan H. Seger, Randal E. Bryant
Decision Graph Search
Runping Qi and David Poole
A New Method for Influence Diagram Evaluation
Runping Qi and David Poole
A Framework for Interoperability Testing of Network Protocols
Jadranka Alilovic-Curgus and Son T. Vuong
Orientation-Based Representations of Shape and Attitude Determination
Ying Li
Symplectic Integration of Constrained Hamiltonian Systems by Runge-Kutta Methods
Sebastian Reich
The use of conflicts in searching Bayesian networks
David Poole
Implicit-Explicit Methods for Time-Dependent PDE's
Uri M. Ascher, Steven J. Ruuth and Brian Wetton
A Real-Time 3D Motion Tracking System
Johnny Wai Yee Kam
Wavelet multiresolution representation of curves and surfaces
L.-M. Reissell
Linking BDD-Based Symbolic Evaluation to Interactive Theorem-Proving
Jeffrey J. Joyce and Carl-Johan H. Seger
Fault Coverage Evaluation of Protocol Test Sequences
Jinsong Zhu and Samuel T. Chanson
Numerical Integration of the Generalized Euler Equations
Sebastian Reich
Performance Measures for Robot Manipulators: A Unified Approach
Kees van den Doel and Dinesh K. Pai
How Fast can ASN.1 Encoding Rules Go?
Mike Sample
Abduction As Belief Revision
Craig Boutilier and Veronica Becher
Sequential Regularization Methods for higher index DAEs with constraint singularities: I. Linear Index-2 Case
Uri Ascher and Ping Lin
TESTGEN+: An Environment for Protocol Test Suite Generation, Selection and Validation
Son T. Vuong and Sangho Lee
Computational Methods for the Shape from Shading Problem
Paul M. Carter
Unit Disk Graph Recognition is NP-Hard*
Heinz Breu and David Kirkpatrick
Generating Random Monotone Polygons
Jack Snoeyink and Chong Zhu
A Compact Piecewise-Linear Voronoi Diagram for Convex sites in the Plane
Mike McAllister, D. Kirkpatrick and J. Snoeyink
Tentative Prune-and-Search for Computing Fixed-Points with Applications to Geometric Computation
D. Kirkpatrick and J. Snoeyink
Objects that cannot be taken apart with two hands
Jack Snoeyink and J. Stolfi
Counting and Reporting Red/Blue Segment Intersections
Larry Palazzi, Jack Snoeyink
Analysis of a Recurrence Arising from a construction for Non-Blocking Networks
Nicholas Pippenger
Self-Routing Superconcentrators
Nicholas Pippenger
A Model Checker for Statecharts
Nancy Day
The Raven Kernel: a Microkernel for shared memory multiprocessors
Duncan Stuart Ritchie
Ranking and Unranking Trees Using Regular Reductions
Pierre Kelsen
Detection and Estimation of Multiple Disparities by Multi-evidential correlation
Esfandiar Bandari and James J. Little
Tridiagonalization Costs of the Bandwidth contraction and Rutishauser-Schwarz Algorithms
Ian Cavers
Automatic Verification of Asynchronous Circuits
Trevor W. S. Lee, Mark R. Greenstreet and Carl-Johan H. Seger
A Simple Theorem Prover Based on symbolic Trajectory Evaluation and OBDDs
Scott Hazelhurst and Carl-Johan H. Seger
Juggling Networks
Nicholas Pippenger
Similarity Metric Learning for a Variable-Kernel Classifier
David G. Lowe
Discrete Conservative Approximations of Hybrid Systems
Carl-Johan H. Seger and Andrew Martin
VOSS - A Formal Hardware Verification System User's Guide
Carl-Johan Seger
We Have Never-Forgetful Flowers In Our Garden: Girls' Responses to Electronic Games
Kori Inkpen, Rena Upitis, Maria Klawe, Joan Lawry, Ann Anderson, Mutindi Ndunda, Kamran Sedighian, Steve Leroux and David Hsu
Simulated Annealing for Profile and Fill Reduction of Sparse Matrices
Robert R. Lewis
Volume Models for Volumetric Data
Vishwa Ranjan and Alain Fournier
High-Speed Visual Estimation Using Preattentive Processing
Christopher G. Healey, Kellogg S. Booth and James T. Enns
The Natural Look
Alain Fournier
A Model for Coordinating Interacting Agents
Paul Lalonde, Robert Walker, Jason Harrison and David Forsey