How to Apply


To apply, fill out two applications:

  1. Online application for admission to UBC
  2. Application to the CS department. You must have applied and paid UBC's application fee first, or your application to the CS department will not be processed and the fee will not be refunded.
Please read through the details below to ensure your application arrives on time and receives full consideration!


UBC's official admissions, promotion and program information is available in the BCS Calendar Entry. We elaborate on those rules here.

To apply for the BCS (ICS) program, you must have, at minimum:

  • A recognized bachelor's degree:
    • in a non-computer related area, or
    • in computer science, if your knowledge is very out of date (e.g. 1980s or earlier)
  • Good academic achievement (at minimum a B- average or better in your last 30 post-secondary, UBC-recognized credits)
  • Little or no programming experience, or outdated programming knowledge. (For reference, it is not problematic for a student to have the equivalent of as much as CPSC 110, 121, and 210. We consider cases where students have a small amount of additional background, although this may weaken the application. We consider computing background outdated if it is largely unused and from 25+ years ago).
  • BC Principles of Mathematics 12 (i.e. BC high school MATH 12, or an equivalent pre-calculus course)
  • Qualifications for UBC's English language requirement:
  • Three credits of first-year English (UBC ENGL 110, 111, 112, 120 or 121). You may also be able to fulfill this requirement with:
  • Comfort using computers (Google Docs, Microsoft Office or equivalent, etc.)

Applicants with a strong academic record who expect to have completed their bachelor's degree (and other requirements) by the start of the program are encouraged to apply now. To avoid delays, academic prerequisites should be completed by the time of application or by the end of April at the very latest.

All students (UBC or otherwise) complete a two-part application for admission:

1) An online application for admission to UBC, due January 15, 2019. Current UBC students graduating in May should apply for a change of program for the next September through SSC (this will not affect graduation from your current program). UBC graduates should apply for re-admission through SSC.

When completing the online application to UBC, select the Vancouver campus and the BCS - Bachelor of Computer Science - B.C.S. (ICS) Integrated CompSci program.

Note that you must submit official transcripts from all previous post-secondary institutions attended to the Registrar's Office. Current UBC students and UBC graduates do not need to submit UBC transcripts, but they MUST nonetheless submit transcripts for all other post-secondary institutions they have attended.

2) The CS Department's BCS application, due January 15, 2019 including:

  • a resume
  • contct information (name, email and phone number for two references (referees will be contacted to submit references online by February 15, 2019)
  • a $100, non-refundable, application fee (paid by Interac, Visa or Mastercard only)
  • evidence of completion of BC Principles of Mathematics 12 (e.g. BC high school, pre-calculus Math 12, or equivalent)
  • evidence of completion of a UBC-recognized/transferable first-year English course

The department application must be submitted online: CS Department's BCS application by end of the day (Vancouver time) on January 15, 2019. References must be submitted by the referees online by February 15, 2019.

Admissions proceeds in two phases. In Phase I, the BCS program reviews applications. Some candidates may be contacted for a face-to-face or remote interview (particularly strong candidates may not need to interview.) We will forward a list of successful applicants to the Registrar's Office for Phase II. During Phase II, the Registrar's Office verifies that candidates hold a recognized Bachelor's degree and that they have met all program prerequisites, including Math, English, and an appropriate GPA. Successful candidates who have met all requirements are then admitted to both UBC and the BCS (ICS) program by the Registrar's Office.

Application Timeline

  • January 15, 2019 - deadline to submit UBC online application for admission and online: CS Department's BCS application
  • February 15, 2019 - deadline for referees to submit references online: CS Department's BCS application
  • April 2019 - interviews (for some applicants), either in person or remote
  • April 30, 2019 - deadline for admission requirements to be completed
  • May 15, 2019 - absolute deadline for Canadian post-secondary students to have all formal, supporting documents submitted to UBC Admissions
  • May 31, 2019 - absolute deadline for international students to have all formal, supporting documents submitted to UBC Admissions. Please complete this process early or you may miss your course registration date and therefore fail to register for courses you need!

If you require more information about the application process, please contact

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