Wolfgang Heidrich

Affiliate Professor & Dolby Research Chair


Academic Information

Diploma in Computer Science, University of Erlangen (1995); M.Math (Computer Science), University of Waterloo (1996); PhD (with honours), University of Erlangen (1999); Research Associate, Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science (April 1999- August 2000); Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia (2000-2004), Associate Professor, University of British Columbia (2004-2010), Dolby Research Chair in Computer Science (since 2008), Professor, University of British Columbia (since 2010).


My primary research domains are computer graphics, and more recently also some aspects of computer vision, especially image-based modeling and acqusition. More specifically, I have recently worked on image-based HDR imaging and displays, geometry acquisition, hardware-accelerated and image-based rendering, and global illumination. For a detailed overview of my work, please refer to my home page or directly to my project pages.

Selected Publications

Michael Goesele, Xavier Granier, Wolfgang Heidrich, and Hans-Peter Seidel, "Accurate Light Source Acquisition and Rendering", ACM Transactions on Graphics (Siggraph '03), pp. 621-630, August 2003.

Hendrik Lensch, Jan Kautz, Michael Goesele, Wolfgang Heidrich, and Hans-Peter Seidel, "Image-Based Reconstruction of Spatial Appearance and Geometric Detail", ACM Transactions on Graphics, pp. 234-257, April 2003.

Wolfgang Heidrich, Katja Daubert, Jan Kautz, and Hans-Peter Seidel, "Illuminating Micro Geometry Based on Precomputed Visibility", Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '00 Proceedings), pp. 455-465, July 2000.

David Pritchard and Wolfgang Heidrich, "Cloth Motion Capture", Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2003), pp. 263-271, September 2003.

Wolfgang Heidrich and Hans-Peter Seidel, "Realistic, Hardware-Accelerated Shading and Lighting", Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '99 Proceedings), pp. 171-178, August 1999.