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B.Sc., McGill University (1989); M.Sc., Computer Science, McGill University (1991); Ph.D., Computer Science, Simon Fraser University (1995); Post-Doctoral fellow, Computer Science, UBC (1995-1997); Lecturer, Computer Science, UBC (1997-1999); Instructor, Computer Science, UBC (1999-2004); Senior Instructor, Computer Science, UBC (2004-)

Interest Keywords

computational geometry
educational technologies
educational technologies
algorithmic graph theory
data structures


As an instructor, part of my responsibilities include curriculum development. I am thus interested in improving the manner in which we communicate knowledge to our students, as well as in selecting the information we provide, and in organizing it to better prepare the student for work in industry or further education. In particular, I want to find ways to provide additional information that is not, strictly speaking, part of the curriculum, in a manner that will motivate the students to access it (and learn it). I also plan to investigate ways to use animations to help students gain a better understanding of algorithms and data structures. My other main interest is computational geometry: a branch of computer science that studies algorithms for solving geometric problems. More specifically, my research has been focused on visibility and covering problems, as well as on geometric probing (how does a robot determine which object it is looking at, given some geometric information about that object?). Finally, I also study graph-theoretic problems, and efficient algorithms to solve them, as well as data structures.

Selected Publications

Belleville, P., "Probing Polygons Minimally Is Hard", Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 2:255-265, 1993. (With T. C. Shermer).

Belleville, P., "CPSC 219: a Lab Course on Software Development", Sixth Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education, WCCCE 2001.

Keil, J. M. and Belleville, P., "Dominating the complements of bounded tolerance graphs and trapezoid graphs.", submitted to Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2001.

Belleville, P., "On the Complexity of Convex Covers in Ed", to appear in the International Journal Of Computational Geometry Applications.

Research Interests

computer science education

Research Groups

Algorithms Lab

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2020 Winter

CPSC 320 - Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
CPSC 320 - Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
CPSC 320 - Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
CPSC 121 - Models of Computation

2019 Winter

CPSC 121 - Models of Computation