Six UBC computer graphics papers to appear at SIGGRAPH 2022 in Vancouver

Six papers submitted by UBC Computer Science for the 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) Conference have been accepted.

This strong showing for UBC symbolizes the ongoing strength of computer graphics brainpower for the department. There was an equally strong showing at the 2021 SIGGRAPH Conference.

Detailed below are the papers being presented, with UBC researchers formatted in bold.

Three of the papers are co-authored by Dr. Alla Sheffer, one of which is co-authored by Dr. Helge Rhodin, and three are authored by Dr. Michiel van de Panne.

Dr. Alla Sheffer's research group’s papers on geometric modelling:

Vector Sketch Connectivity
Extracting viewer-perceived intended stroke connectivity distinguishing between intended junctions (a, e.g. circled in blue) and intended gaps (a, e.g. circled in red) (e) outperforming prior art (b, c).

Dr. van de Panne's three computer animation papers that are being presented at the conference, feature enabling simulated characters to learn new skills:

Dr. Michiel van de Panne, a co-author on these papers, is also this year's SIGGRAPH Achievement Award winner.