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UBC CS TR-2009-12 Summary

Body-Centric Interactions With Very Large Wall Displays, April 28, 2009 Garth Shoemaker, Takayuki Tsukitani, Yoshifumi Kitamura and Kellogg S. Booth, 10 pages

We explore a set of body-centric interaction techniques for very large wall displays. The techniques described include: virtual tools that are stored on a userís own body, protocols for sharing personal information between co-located collaborators, a shadow representation of usersí bodies, and methods for positioning virtual light sources in the work environment. These techniques are important as a group because they serve to unify the virtual world and the physical world, breaking down the barriers between display space, personal body space, and shared room space. We describe an implementation of these techniques as integrated into a collaborative map viewing and editing application.

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