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UBC CS TR-2005-13 Summary

Perceiving Ordinal Data Haptically Under Workload, May 08, 2005 Anthony Tang, Peter McLachlan, Karen Lowe, Chalapati Rao Saka and Karon MacLean, 8 pages

Visual information overload is a threat to the interpretation of displays presenting large data sets or complex application environments. To combat this problem, researchers have begun to explore how haptic feedback can be used as another means for information transmission. In this paper, we show that people can perceive and accurately process haptically rendered ordinal data while under cognitive workload. We evaluated three haptic models for rendering ordinal data with participants who were performing a taxing visual tracking task. The evaluation demonstrates that information rendered by these models is perceptually available even when users are visually busy. This preliminary research has promising implications for haptic augmentation of visual displays for information visualization.

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