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UBC CS TR-86-25 Summary

Efficiently Implementing Pure Prolog or: Not ``YAWAM'', November 1986 Peter Ludemann

High performance hardware and software implementations of Prolog are now being developed by many people, using the Warren Abstract Machine (or ``WAM'') [Warr83]. We have designed a somewhat different machine which supports a more powerful language than Prolog, featuring: \begin{itemize} \item efficiency similar to the WAM for sequential programs, \item tail recursion optimization (TRO) [Warr86], \item sound negation, \item pseudo-parallelism (co-routining) with full backtracking, \item dynamic optimization of clause order, \item efficiency {\em if-then-else} (``shallow'' backtracking), \item simple, regular instruction set designed for easily optimized compilation, \item efficient memory utilization, \item integrated object-oriented virtual memory, \item predicates as first class objects. \end{itemize}

Our design gives the programmer more flexibility in designing programs than is provided by standard Prolog, yet it retains the efficiency of more limited designs.

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