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UBC CS TR-86-06 Summary

Semi-Automatic Implementation of Network Protocols, February 1986 Daniel A. Ford

A compiler which achieves automatic implementation of network protocols by transforming specifications written in {\em FDT} into {\em C} programs is presented. A brief introduction to the the fundamentals of {\em FDT}, a standard language developed by ISO/TC97/SC 16/WG 1 Subgroup B for specifying network protocols, is given. We then present an overview of the compiler and discuss the problem of {\em PASCAL} to {\em C} translation. Transformation of a {\em FDT} specification into code is explained and illustrated by two implementation examples. The first example illustrates the implementation strategy by tracing the processing of a simple protocol The second example demonstrates the validity of using automatically generated implementations by showing how a communication path was established between two hosts using code generated for the alternating bit protocol.

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