Technical Reports


Understanding Design Patterns with Design Rationale Graphs
Elisa L. A. Baniassad, Gail C. Murphy and Christa Schwanninger
Proceedings of the First AOSD Workshop on Aspects, Components, and Patterns for Intrastructure Software
Yvonne Coady (Ed.)
Motion Perturbation Based on Simple Neuromotor Control Models
Michael B. Clien, KangKang Yin and Dinesh K. Pai
The Inequalities of Quantum Information Theory
Nicholas Pippenger
Scaling an Object-Oriented System Execution Visualizer Through Sampling
Andrew Chan, Reid Holmes, Gail C. Murphy and Annie T.T. Ying
Entropy and Expected Acceptance Counts for Finite Automata
Nicholas Pippenger
Extended Canonical Recoding
Nicholas Pippenger
Choosing the Right Neighbourhood: a Way to Improve a Stochastic Local Search Algorithm for DNA Word Design
Dan C. Tulpan and Holger H. Hoos
Back to the Future: A Retroactive Study of Aspect Evolution in Operating System Code
Yvonne Coady and Gregor Kiczales