Technical Reports


Quantum Signal Propagation in Depolarizing Channels
Nicholas Pippenger
Analysis of Carry Propagation in Addition: An Elementary Approach
Nicholas Pippenger
Proving Sequential Consistency by Model Checking
Tim Braun, Anne Condon, Alan J. Hu, Kai S. Juse, Marius Laza, Michael Leslie and Rita Sharma
Separating Crosscutting Concerns Across the Lifecycle: From Composition Patterns to AspectJ and Hyper/J
Siobhan Clarke and Robert J. Walker
Aspect-Oriented Incremental Customization of Middleware Services
Alex Brodsky, Dima Brodsky, Ida Chan, Yvonne Coady, Jody Pomkoski and Gregor Kiczales
Using Versioning to Simplify the Implementation of a Highly-Available File System
Dima Brodsky, Jody Pomkoski, Mike Feely, Norm Hutchinson and Alex Brodsky
Image-Based Measurement of Light Sources With Correct Filtering
Wolfgang Heidrich and Michael Goesele
Constraint-Based Agents: A Formal Model for Agent Design
Alan K. Mackworth and Ying Zhang
The Shortest Disjunctive Normal Form of a Random Boolean Function
Nicholas Pippenger
Characterizations of Random Set-Walks
Joseph H. T. Wong
Enumeration of Matchings in the Incidence Graphs of Complete and Complete Bipartite Graphs
Nicholas Pippenger
Concern Graphs: Finding and Describing Concerns Using Structural Program Dependencies
Martin P. Robillard and Gail C. Murphy
Loosely Coupled Optimistic Replication for Highly Available, Scalable Storage
Dima Brodsky, Jody Pomkoski, Michael J. Feeley, Norman Hutchinson and Alex Brodsky
Bayesian Latent Semantic Analysis of Multimedia Databases
Nando de Freitas and Kobus Barnard
Clustering Facial Displays in Context
Jesse Hoey
The Optimized Segment Support Map for the Mining of Frequent Patterns
Carson Kai-Sang Leung, Raymond T. Ng and Heikki Mannila
Animation of Fish Swimming
William F. Gates
Free-Surface Conditions in the Realistic Animation of Liquids
William F. Gates
Controlling Fluid Flow Simulation
William F. Gates and Alain Fournier