Technical Reports


Stochastic Local Search Methods for Dynamic SAT - an Initial Investigation
Holger H. Hoos and Kevin O'Neill
R-Simp to PR-Simp: Parallelizing A Model Simplification Algorithm
Dmitry Brodsky
Enumeration of Equicolourable Trees
Nicholas Pippenger
Optimal and Approximate Stochastic Planning using Decision Diagrams
Jesse Hoey, Robert St-Aubin, Alan Hu and Craig Boutilier
Using Idle Workstations to Implement Predictive Prefetching
Jasmine Y.Q. Wang, Joon Suan Ong, Yvonne Coady and Michael J. Feeley
Eliminating Cycles in Composed Class Hierarchies
Robert J. Walker
Determination of Intensity Thresholds via Shape Gradients
Roger Tam and Alain Fournier
Efficient Mapping of Software System Traces to Architectural Views
Robert J. Walker, Gail C. Murphy, Jeffrey Steinbok and Martin P. Robillard
The Rectilinear Crossing Number of K_10 is 62
Alex Brodsky, Stephane Durocher and Ellen Gethner
Toward the Rectilinear Crossing Number of K_n: New Drawings, Upper Bounds, and Asymptotics
Alex Brodsky, Stephane Durocher and Ellen Gethner