Technical Reports


Soundness and Cut-Elimination in NaDSyL
Paul C. Gilmore
On Digital Money and Card Technologies
Edwin M. Knorr
Video and Audio Streams Over an IP/ATM Wide Area Network
Mark McCutcheon, Mabo R. Ito and Gerald W. Neufeld
Random Interval Graphs
Nicholas Pippenger
Surface Reflectance and Shape from Images Using Collinear Light Source
Jiping Lu and Jim Little
An Object-Oriented Graphics Kernel
Gene Lee
Surface and Shading Models from Real Images for Computer Graphics
Jiping Lu and Jim Little
A Fast Heuristic For Finding The Minimum Weight Triangulation
Ronald Beirouti
Formalization and Analysis of the Separation Minima for the North Atlantic Region: Complete Specification and Analysis Results
Nancy A. Day, Jeffrey J. Joyce and Gerry Pelletier
Average-Case Bounds for the Complexity of Path-Search
Nicholas Pippenger
Conceptual Module Querying for Software Reengineering
Elisa Baniassad and Gail C. Murphy
Extending and Managing Software Reflexion Models
Gail C. Murphy, David Notkin and Kevin Sullivan
The Measured Access Characteristics of World-Wide-Web Client Proxy Caches
Bradley M. Duska, David Marwood and Michael J. Feeley
A Logic For Default Reasoning
Raymond Reiter
Supporting Learners in a Remote Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environment: The Importance of Task and Communication
David Graves
A Network-Enhanced Volume Renderer
Jeff LaPorte