Technical Reports


Revision in ACMS
Alex Kean
A Multigrid Method for Shape from Shading
Uri M. Ascher and Paul M. Carter
Stability of computational methods for constrained dynamics systems
Uri M. Aschre and Linda R. Petzold
Starshaped Sets, Distance Functions, and Star Hulls
Ying Li
FDT Tools For Protocol Development
A. A. F. Loureiro, Samuel T. Chanson and Son T. Vuong
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for Constraint Networks
Ying Zhang and Alan K. Mackworth
On the Role of Computable Error Estimates in the Analysis of Numerical Approximation Algorithms -- In Honor of Steve Smale on His Sixtieth Birthday
Feng Gao
Parallel Algorithms for Routing in Non-blocking Networks
Geng Lin, Nicholas Pippenger
Projected Collocation for Higher-Order Higher-Index Differential-Algebraic Equations
Uri M. Ascher and Linda R. Petzold
A Two-Level Formal Verification Methodology using HOL and COSMOS
Carl-Johan Seger and Jeffrey J. Joyce
Existence and Explict Constructions of q+1 Regular Ramanujan Graphs for Every Prime Power q
Moshe Morgenstern
Fault Tolerant Planar Communication Networks
Geng Lin
Fast Hashing on a PRAM - Designing by Expectation
Joseph Gil and Yossi Matias
Fast Load Balancing on a PRAM
Joseph Gil
Formulations of an Extended NaDSet
Paul C. Gilmore and George K. Tsiknis
A Simple Primal Algorithm for Intersecting 3-Polyhedra in Linear Time
Andrew K. Martin
Paul C. Gilmore
Photometric Stereo: Lambertian Reflectance and Light Sources with Unknown Direction and Strength
R. J. Woodham, Y. Iwahori and Rob A. Barman
Backward Error Estimates for Toeplitz and Vandermonde Systems
Jim M. Varah
Leaders Election Without a Conflict Resolution Rule - Fast and Efficient Randomized Simulations among CRCW PRAMs
Joseph Gil and Yossi Matias
Model-Guided Grouping for 3-D Motion Tracking
Xun Li and David G. Lowe
The Tree Model for Hashing: Lower and Upper Bounds
Joseph Gil, Friedhelm Meyer auf Der Heide and Avi Wigderson
Surface Reconstruction by Coupled Depth/Slope Model with Natural Boundary Conditions
Ying Li
Computational Architectures for Responsive Vision: the Vision Engine
James J. Little, Rod Barman, Stewart Kingdon and Jiping Lu
The Logic of Constraint Satisfaction
Alan K. Mackworth
Performance Prediction Modelling of Multicomputers
H. V. Sreekantaswamy, Samuel T. Chanson and Alan Wagner
On Detecting Regularity of Functions: A Probabilistic Analysis
F. Gao and G.W. Wasilkowski
The EAN X.500 Directory Service
Barry Brachman, Murray Goldberg, Gerald Neufeld and Duncan Stickings
Implementing a Normative Theory of Communication in a Framework for Default Reasoning
Andrew Csinger
Solving Domain Equations in NaDSet
Paul C. Gilmore and George K. Tsiknis
Character Animation using Hierarchical B-Splines
David R. Forsey