Technical Reports


A Theory of Multi-Scale, Curvature- and Torsion-Based Shape Representation for Space Curves
Farzin Mokhtarian
Logical Foundations for Category Theory
Paul C. Gilmore and George K. Tsiknis
Optimal Algorithms for Probabilistic Solitude Detection On Anonymous Rings
Karl Abrahamson, Andrew Adler, Lisa Higham and David G. Kirkpatrick
Tight Lower Bounds for Probabilistic Solitude Verification on Anomynous Rings
Karl Abrahamson, Andrew Adler, Lisa Higham and David G. Kirkpatrick
Direct Evidence for Occlusion in Stereo and Motion
James Joseph Little and Walter E. Gillett
A Measure of Semantic Relatedness for Resolving Ambiguities in Natural Language Database Requests
Julia A. Johnson and Richard S. Rosenberg
Automatic Generation of Interactive Applications
Emanuel G. Noik
Characterizing Diagnoses and Systems
Johan de Kleer, Alan K. Mackworth and Raymond Reiter
Assumption Based Reasoning and Clause Management Systems
Alex Kean and George K. Tsiknis
Parallel Algorithms for Routing in Non-Blocking Networks
Nicholas Pippenger
Multiple Light Source Optical Flow
Robert J. Woodham
Selection Networks
Nicholas Pippenger
On a Lower Bound for the Redundancy of Reliable Networks with Noisy Gates
Nicholas Pippenger, George D. Stamoulis and John N. Tsitsiklis
Convergence Properties of Curvature and Torsion Scale Space Representations
Farzin Mokhtarian
Mathematical Foundation for Orientation Based Representations of Shape
Ying Li
An Analysis of Exact and Approximation Algorithms for Dempster Shafer Theory
Gregory M. Provan
Polygon Triangulation in 0(N log log N) Time with Simple Data Structures
David G. Kirkpatrick, Maria M. Klawe and Robert E. Tarjan
The Blocking Probability of Spider-Web Networks
Nicholas Pippenger
The Effect of Knowledge on Belief: Conditioning, Specificity and the Lottery Paradox in Default Reasoning
David Poole
Projected Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods for Differential-Algebraic Equations
Uri Ascher and Linda R. Petzold
Automating the Generation of Interactive Applications
Emanuel G. Noik
Logical Foundations for Programming Semantics
Paul C. Gilmore and George K. Tsiknis
A Formalization of Category Theory in NaDSet
Paul C. Gilmore and George K. Tsiknis
Errors and Perturbations in Vandermonde Systems
James M. Varah
A Tight Lower Bound on the Size of Planar Permutation Networks
Maria M. Klawe and Tom Leighton
Superlinear Bounds for Matrix Searching Problems
Maria M. Klawe
Generic Specification of Digital Hardware
Jeffrey J. Joyce
Parallel Techniques for Construction of Trees and Related Problems
Teresa Maria Przytycka
Surface Curvature from Photometric Stereo
R. J. Woodham
A Theory of Multi-Scale, Curvature and Torsion Based Shape Representation for Planar and Space Curves
Farzin Mokhtarian
The Approximation of Implicates and Explanations
Alex Kean
Performance Monitoring in Multi-transputer Networks
Jie Cheng Jiang
On the Power of a Posteriori Error Estimation for Numerical Integration and Function Approximation
Feng Gao
Embedding All Binary Trees in the Hypercube
Alan S. Wagner
More Reasons Why Higher-Order Logic is a Good Formalism for Specifying and Verifying Hardware
Jeffrey J. Joyce
From Formal Verification to Silicon Compilation
J. Joyce, E. Liu, J. Rushby, N. Shankar, R. Suaya, F. von Henke
The UBC OSI Distributed Application Programming Environment User Manual
G. Neufeld, M. Goldberg and B. Brachman
The Generation of Phrase-Structure Representation from Principles
David C. LeBlanc
Finding Extrema With Unary Predicates
Feng Gao, Leonidas J. Guibas, David G. Kirkpatrick, William T. Laaser and James Saxe
Markov Random Fields in Visual Reconstruction: a Transputer-Based Multicomputer Implementation
Ola Siksik