Technical Reports


Organization of Smooth Image Curves at Multiple Scales
David G. Lowe
Using Deficiency Measure For Tiebreaking the Minimum Degree Algorithm
Ian A. Cavers
A New Approach To Test Sequence Derivation Based on External Behavior Expression (EBE)
Jianping Wu and Samuel T. Chanson
Explanation and Prediction: An Architecture for Default and Abductive Reasoning
David Poole
Randomized Distributed Computing on Rings
Lisa Higham
A Completeness Theorem for NaD Set
Paul C. Gilmore
How Many Real Numbers Are There?
Paul C. Gilmore
A Logic-Based Analysis of Dempster Shafer Theory
Gregory M. Provan
Cooperative Systems for Perceptual Tasks in a Remote Sensing Environment
Alan K. Mackworth
Toolbox-Based Routines for Macintosh Timing and Display
R. Rensink
Computer Vision Update
R. M. Haralick, Alan K. Mackworth and S. L. Tanimoto
A Model-Based Vision System for Manipulator Position Sensing
I. Jane Mulligan, Alan K. Mackworth and Peter D. Lawrence
A Theory of Multi-Scale Curvature-Based Shape Representation for Planar Curves
Farzin Mokhtarian and Alan K. Mackworth
The Asymptotic Optimality of Spider-Web Networks
Nicholas Pippenger
A Simple Linear Time Algorithm for Concave One-Dimensional Dynamic Programming
Maria M. Klawe
Exactly Solvable Telephone Switching Problems
Nicholas Pippenger
The Expected Capacity of Concentrators
Nicholas Pippenger
On Parallel Methods for Boundary Value Odes
Uri Ascher and S. Y. Pat Chan
A Methodology for Using a Default and Abductive Reasoning System
David Poole
Optimal Parallel Algorithms for Convex Polygon Separation
Norm Dadoun and David G. Kirkpatrick
A New Proof of the NP-Completeness of Visual Match
R. Rensink
A Data Management Strategy for Transportable Natural Language Interfaces
J. Johnson
Bar-Representable Visibility Graphs and a Related Network Flow Problem
Stephen Kenneth Wismath
Parallel Construction of Binary Trees with Almost Optimal Weighted Path Length
David G. Kirkpatrick and Teresa Maria Przytycka
Fitting Parameterized 3-D Models to Images
David G. Lowe
Towards Structured Parallel Computing --- Part 1 --- A Theory of Algorithm Design and Analysis for Distributed-Memory Architectures
Feng Gao