Technical Reports


The Representation of Presuppositions Using Defaults
Robert Ernest Mercer and Raymond Reiter
On Fitting Exponentials by Nonlinear Least Squares
James M. Varah
The Complexity of Regular Expressions with Goto and Boolean Variables
Karl Abrahamson
Collocation for Singular Perturbation Problems II: Linear First Order Systems Without Turning Points
Uri Ascher and R. Weiss
A Regression Model of a Swapping System
Samuel T. Chanson
The Complexity of Some Polynomial Network Consistency Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Alan K. Mackworth and E. C. Freuder
Unification Based Conditional Binding Constructs
Harvey Abramson
Performance of Some Local Area Network Technologies
Samuel T. Chanson, A. Kumar and A. Nadkarni
Collocation for Singular Perturbation Problems III: Nonlinear Problems without Turning Points
Uri Ascher and R. Weiss
Standard Image Files
William S. Havens
Multi Process Structuring of X.25 Software
Stephen Edward Deering
Knowledge-Based Visual Interpretation Using Declarative Schemata
Roger A. Browse
A Cooperative Scheme for Image Understanding Using Multiple Sources of Information
Jay Glicksman