Technical Reports


SASL (St. Andrews Static Language) Reference Manual
D. A. Turner and Harvey Abramson
Distributed I/O Using an Object-Based Protocol
David R. Cheriton
Collocation for Singular Perturbation Problems I: First Order Systems with Constant Coefficients
Uri Ascher and R. Weiss
On Pseudo-Similar Vertices in Trees
David G. Kirkpatrick, Maria M. Klawe and D. G. Corneil
On Spline Basis Selection for Solving Differential Equations
Uri Ascher, S. Pruess and Robert D. Russell
The Application of Optimal Stochastic Control Theory in Computer System Load Regulation
Samuel T. Chanson and Raymond Lo
The Computer and the State
Richard S. Rosenberg
On the Complexity of General Graph Factor Problems
David G. Kirkpatrick and P. Hell
Solvable Cases of the Travelling Salesman Problem
Paul C. Gilmore
Strategy-Independent Program Restructuring Based on Bounded Locality Intervals
Samuel T. Chanson and Bernard Law
Pitfalls in the Numerical Solution of Linear Ill-Posed Problems
James M. Varah
Optimal Macro-Scheduling
Samuel T. Chanson and Prem Swarup Sinha
Upper Bounds for Sorting Integers on Random Access Machines
David G. Kirkpatrick and Stefan Reisch
Optimal Search in Planar Subdivisions
David G. Kirkpatrick
A Convex Hull Algorithm Optimal for Point Sets in Even Dimensions
Raimund Seidel
On the Shape of a Set of Points in the Plane
H. Edelsbrunner, David G. Kirkpatrick and Raimund Seidel
Optimization Techniques in Computer System Design & Load Control
Prem Swarup Sinha