Technical Reports


Verex System Programmer's Manual
David Cheriton and Wayne Murphy
Zed Language Reference Manual
David Cheriton and Patricia Steeves
Verex Assembler Manual
David Cheriton
In Search of an Optimal Machine Architecture for BCPL
R. Agarwal and Samuel T. Chanson
Anaphora in natural Language Understanding: A Survey
Graeme Hirst
Equality and Domain Closure in First Order Data Bases
Raymond Reiter
Programming Skill Acquisition --- Progress Report
V. Manis
Multi-process Structuring and the THOTH Operating System
David R. Cheriton
Message-Passing, Spaces and Agents
David R. Cheriton
Saturation Estimation in Interactive Computer Systems
Samuel T. Chanson
A Logic for Default Reasoning
Raymond Reiter
Designing an Operating System to be Verifiable
David R. Cheriton
Process Identification in THOTH
David R. Cheriton
Three BCPL Machines
Harvey Abramson
The Pica-B Computer
Harvey Abramson, Mark Fox, J. Peck, V. Manis and M. Gorlick
Approaching Discourse Computationally: A Review
Richard S. Rosenberg
Representing Spatial Experience & Solving Spatial Problems in a Simulated Robot Environment
Peter Forbes Rowat
The Design of a Verifiable Operating System Kernel
T. Lockhart