Technical Reports


The BCODE System
R. Agarwal and S. Ma
Exploiting Spectral, Spatial and Semantic Constraints in the Segmentation of Landsat Images
Dale Starr and Alan K. Mackworth
Forests and Pyramids: Using Image Hierarchies to Understand Landsat Images
Ezio Catanzariti and Alan K. Mackworth
A Procedural Model of Recognition for Machine Perception
William S. Havens
An Approach to the Organization of Knowledge for the Modelling of Converstion
Gordon I. McCalla
On the Efficient Implementation of Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods
James M. Varah
The Design and Implementation of a Run-Time Analysis and Interactive Debugging Environment
Mark Scott Johnson
Optimization of Memory Hierarchies in Multi-programmed Computer Systems with Fixed Cost Constraint
Samuel T. Chanson and Prem Swarup Sinha
Solving Boundary Value Problems with a Spline-Collocation Code
Uri Ascher
Stability Restrictions on Second Order, Three Level Finite Difference Schemes for Parabolic Equations
James M. Varah