Alla Sheffer


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On leave July 1 2020 - July 1 2021

Academic Information

B.Sc., Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1991); M.Sc., Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1995), Ph.D., Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1999); Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1999-2001); Assistant Professor, Technion, Israel (2001-2003); Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia (2003-2008), Associate Professor, University of British Columbia (2008-present).


When describing real world objects on a computer we typically must first describe their shape. My research focuses on geometry processing addressing the algorithmic challenges which arise in digital shape modeling and manipulation. I am particularly interested in discrete geometry representations and specifically meshes (polygonal model representations). The main application areas of this research are computer graphics and computer aided engineering applications. My work utilizes tools from computational and differential geometry, discrete math, and graph theory to generate, manipulate, and edit discrete geometric models.

Selected Publications

D. Bradley, T. Popa, A. Sheffer, W. Heidrich, T. Boubekeur, Markerless Garment Capture, ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2008), 27(3), 2008

M. Kilian, S. Floery, Z. Chen, N. J. Mitra, A. Sheffer, H. Pottmann, Curved Folding, ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2008), 27(3), 2008

K. Rose, A. Sheffer, J. Wither, M.-P. Cani, B.Thibert , Developable Surfaces from Arbitrary Sketched Boundaries, Proc. Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), 2007.

A. Sheffer, E. Praun, K. Rose, Mesh Parameterization Methods and Their Applications, Now Publishers, 2006, ISBN 978-1-933019-43-7, (also Foundations and Trends? in Computer Graphics and Vision, volume 2(2),2006)

A. Sheffer, B. Levy, M. Mogilnitsky, A, Bogomyakov, ABF++: Fast and Robust Angle Based Flattening, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 24(2), 311-330 2005.

Research Interests

virtual/augmented reality

Research Groups

Imager: Laboratory for Graphics, Visualization and HCI
CAIDA: Centre for Artificial Intelligence Decision-making & Action

Latest Courses

2019 Winter

CPSC 424 - Geometric Modelling
CPSC 427 - Video Game Programming

2018 Winter

CPSC 436D - Topics in Computer Science
CPSC 524 - Computer Graphics: Modeling

2017 Winter

CPSC 424 - Geometric Modeling
CPSC 436D - Topics in Computer Science
CPSC 436 - Topics in Computer Science

2016 Winter

CPSC 314 - Computer Graphics
CPSC 524 - Computer Graphics: Modeling