Eyecatch: Simulating Visuomotor Coordination for Object Interception

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2012)
Publication Date: 
Aug, 2012
Sang Hoon Yeo
Martin Lesmana
Debanga R. Neog
Dinesh K. Pai

We present a novel framework for animating human characters performing fast visually guided tasks, such as catching a ball. The main idea is to consider the coordinated dynamics of sensing and movement. Based on experimental evidence about such behaviors, we propose a generative model that constructs interception behavior online, using discrete submovements directed by uncertain visual estimates of target movement. An important aspect of this framework is that eye movements are included as well, and play a central role in coordinating movements of the head, hand, and body. We show that this framework efficiently generates plausible movements and generalizes well to novel scenarios.

Paper (preprint)

Youtube video

Resource Type: 
sensorimotor computation
human animation
eye movements
movement coordination

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