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About Us


Computer Science is thriving here at the University of British Columbia. And we're doing some pretty cool things. As a result, the department is rated in the top 25 of its kind in the world, and we place consistently in the top 3 across Canada.

            Our Principles

We are committed to excellence  and innovation

We're committed to our department culture & well-being

We sit at the forefront of the artificial intelligence and machine learning revolution, the explosion of data science, the acceleration of human-computer interaction, and Computer Systems Research. It's truly one of the most exciting times to be studying, researching, and teaching computer science at UBC.  

Our faculty include a Canada 150 Research Chair; plus many Fellows of prestigious societies like the Royal Society of Canada, and four CIFAR Chairs. As for our graduates, they emerge with world-class skills, and are often immediately employable at companies like Google and Amazon. Some have great success with spin-offs that come out of the department.

    In our more than 50 years, we've come a long way too. As an inclusive department, we strongly support diversity. We know differences strengthen all of us, while benefiting society and advancing the computing profession.