James Shaw

Computer Science graduate honoured as a leading innovator

Canada’s tech and innovation publication, The Logic, has named a UBC Computer Science graduate as a Top Prospect/leading innovator.

James Shaw graduated this past spring from the Bachelor of Computer Science second degree program, after having previously completed a degree in Materials Engineering. He was also the President of the Bachelor of Computer Science Student Association (BCSSA) at UBC, and was a member of the UBC Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

From the recently published article (paywalled link), which named leading innovative graduates from the foremost computer science and engineering universities in Canada:

“Shaw promoted rural education by reaching out to Indigenous students through the non-profit publication Gearing Up. He also co-wrote curriculums to help instructors include Indigenous reconciliation in engineering courses. ‘It’s like weaving Indigenous ways of knowing with Western science concepts,’ he said.”

Screenshot The Logic

As James took courses in machine learning and built skills in applied mathematics and computer vision, he became very interested in software engineering. He took an internship in 2021 with Microsoft, becoming 1 of 50 of Microsoft’s North American ‘Garage’ interns, selected from over 12,000 applicants. In 2022, he gained another internship with the Microsoft shopping division, where he utilized computer vision models to classify millions of product images. Now, hired by Microsoft as a full-time Software Engineer, he’s working on AI and Machine Learning for the company. 

With James’ trajectory to date, he’s poised to continue innovating and propelling himself forward in the field. This recognition by The Logic is yet another testament to his unique skillset.