AI cloning

Dongwook Yoon explores the risks of digital doppelgangers

Dr. Dongwook Yoon and his co-researchers have been exploring how people feel about the possibility of having AI clones of themselves. A "digital doppelgänger," if you will.

He discusses the research in this Op-Ed for The Conversation Canada.

The paper:  "Speculating on Risks of AI Clones to Selfhood and Relationships: Doppelganger-phobia, Identity Fragmentation, and Living Memories" by Patrick Yung Kang Lee, Ning F. Ma, Ig-Jae Kim, Dongwook Yoon:
Proc. ACM Hum. Comput. Interact. 7(CSCW1): 1-28 (2023)

Dr. Dongwook Yoon, Assistant Professor, UBC Computer Science