Drawing of robots

Creating community: computer science and first-graders

When a Grade 1 Brockton School teacher discussed various community members with her class and how they contribute to a healthy society, some of the children were inspired to write notes of thanks to the community members.

One such group they discussed in class was coders and computer scientists.

As a result, the UBC Computer Science (CS) Department was absolutely delighted to receive a package from the enthusiastic first-graders that included notes of thanks and drawings from some of the children.

Letter from students

Prior to COVID-19, the department was liaising with schoolchildren regularly, holding interactive workshops and other educational programs. There are plans to resume similar activities again after COVID restrictions are no longer in place.

A drawing from one of the first-grade students at Brockton School

Nurturing excitement and interest in computers with younger children is something the UBC Computer Science department actively pursues. “Getting children interested in computer science at a young age helps inspire a new generation within the CS community,” says Michele Ng, Special Projects Coordinator who has spearheaded programs like GIRLsmarts4tech and other outreach programs and workshops. “Nurturing that enthusiasm and creativity early on helps empower kids, giving them the confidence and support to pursue their interests,” she says. 

We thank you in return Brockton first-graders, for your wonderful notes and drawings. We hope to see you in our classrooms studying computer science one day!