ACM TiiS Best Paper Award

Award Date
Award Recipient(s)
UBC Computer Science Associate Professors Giuseppe Carenini, Cristina Conati and Postdoc Ben Steichen are the recipients of the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiSBest Paper Award for their paper Inferring Visualization Task Properties, User Performance, and User Cognitive Abilities From Eye Gaze Datawhich was published in issue 4(2) of TiiS.

The committee’s decision to recognize this paper was explained as follows: The work presented in this article makes creative and rigorous use of eye tracking technology, insights into human behavior, and machine learning methods to unobtrusively predict a user’s task and mental state. The article exemplifies the intellectual focus of ACM TiiS: research that thoughtfully bridges contributions in machine intelligence and interaction. The results have the potential to impact both research and practice by enabling new ways of personalizing users’ interactions with interactive visualization systems.