Lecture Schedule

Lectures are Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30am-11am, in CICSR 104.

This is only approximate. As they become available there will be links to the slides (both PowerPoint and PDF).

Please note that the "print" script on the CS machines may strip out math fonts from the PDF, so you may want to use "pdf2ps" to manually convert to postscript before printing.

Date Topic Work
January 5 Introduction; particle systems; time integration (ppt)
January 10 More time integration (ppt)
January 12 Finishing time integration; example motions; collisions (ppt) Assignment 1 out
January 17 Particle collisions; object geometry (ppt)
January 19 Triangle meshes; Springs; Strain (ppt)
January 24 Elasticity (ppt)
January 26 Finite elements (ppt)
January 31 More finite elements (ppt) Assignment 1 due
February 2 Hyperelasticity and bending (ppt)
February 7 Elastic collisions (ppt)
February 9 Simplified elasticity, plasticity, fracture (ppt)
February 21 Multidimensional plasticity and fracture; rigid bodies (ppt)
February 23 Rigid bodies; rigid body collisions (ppt)
February 28 Rigid body contact; constrained dynamics (ppt) Assignment 2 due
March 2 Lagrangian dynamics, fluid mechanics (ppt)
March 7 Viscosity, vorticity, deep water waves (ppt)
March 9 Fourier waves, shallow water (ppt)
March 14 Shallow water (ppt) Assignment 3+4 out
March 16 Smoke (ppt)
March 21 Smoke and Water (ppt)
March 23 Level sets for water, SPH (ppt)
March 30 Guest lecture - sand
April 4 SPH, fire (ppt)
April 6 Final project presentations Final project demos
April 7 Assignment 3+4 due