CPSC 533d Animation Physics

January-April 2005, MW 9:30am-11am, in CICSR 104.

Instructor: Robert Bridson

Prerequisites: programming, vector calculus, linear algebra, basic differential equations, basic physics, computer graphics.

This course gives a practical introduction to the use of numerical simulation for animating passive natural phenomena, such as the motion and interaction of rigid bodies, cloth, smoke, water, etc.

Contacting Me

You can always email me at rbridson@cs.ubc.ca, or phone my office (604-822-1993). My office is currently CICSR 189 but will move to the new CS2 annex during reading week in February; either drop by or email me to set up an appointment to be sure of seeing me.

I'm happy to help out with stuff, and also appreciate feedback on the course---if the pace is right, if you want to see some particular topic covered, etc.

There is also a newsgroup, ubc.courses.cpsc.533b, which I believe we can use for discussion.

New Stuff

April 2: April 4 lecture up

March 22: March 23 lecture up, more reading

March 20: March 21 lecture up

March 15: March 16 lecture up, more reading

March 14: fixed March 14 lecture (factor of 1/2 in modified PDE for first order upwinding)

March 14: Assignment 3+4 up

March 13: March 14 lecture up

March 8: March 9 lecture up, more reading

March 5: March 7 lecture up

March 2: March 2 lecture up

February 28: Feb 28 lecture up, more reading

February 25: Assignment 2 bug fixed (missing t+=subdt in Simulation::advance).

February 23: Correction to static friction formula in Feb 23 slides.

February 23: Feb 23 lecture posted, corrections to Feb 21, more reading.

February 21: Feb 21 lecture posted.

February 12: Assignment 2 is ready.

February 10: Assignment 2 description posted (but no code yet).

February 8: Feb 9 lecture posted.

February 6: More required reading, Feb 7 lecture posted.

February 1: More required and optional reading, Feb 2 lecture posted.

January 30: Jan 31 lecture posted.

January 26: Jan 26 lecture posted.

January 24: Jan 24 lecture posted, more optional reading.

January 18: Jan 19 lecture posted, more optional reading.

January 15: Jan 17 lecture posted.

January 12: Assignment 1 complete.

January 11: Assignment 1 partially posted.

January 11: Jan 12 lecture posted.

January 5: Jan 5 lecture updated, Jan 10 lecture posted, more reading, added standard note on plagiarism.

January 4: Jan 5 lecture posted, reading section updated.

December 22: Website is up.