CPSC 504: Schedule

Paper Selection Information

Week of: Monday Wednesday
September 5/7
No classes
September 11/13 Introduction & class outline - what data do you have?
slides in PDF
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Introduction to databases: part 1
Optional reading
Preliminary slides for next two classes in PDF
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1 handed out: design a database for your data
September 18/20 Introduction to databases: part 2
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Relational Roots (slides)
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1 due
September 25/27 Query Optimization Overview slides for overview, slides for Selinger et al.)
Presentation: Dutch
Discussion: Debo
Project: teams must be formed
Two query optimizers (slides for Volcano, slides for Starburst)
Presentation: Mirna for Volcano, Debo for Starburst
Discussion: Jerry
October 2/4 Query Execution (slides)
Presentation: Hoyt
Discussion: Mirna
Rachel out of town: no class
October 9/11 Thanksgiving: no class Transaction Processing (slides)
Presentation: Haoran
Discussion: Hoyt
October 16/18 Distributed Databases (slides)
Presentation: Shahed
Discussion: Dutch
Answering Queries Using Views/Data Integration (slides)
Presentation: Rachel
Discussion: Meeta
Project: two page proposal due
October 23/25 Adaptive Execution (Tukwila slides Eddies slides)
Presentation: April for Tukwila, Rick for Eddies
Discussion: Jiemin for Tukwila, Garth for Eddies
Object-oriented and Object-relational databases (ObjectStore slides, Turmoil slides)
Presentation: Nguyet for Objectstore, Kyle for Turmoil
Discussion: Immad for Objectstore, Anoop for Turmoil
Oct. 30/Nov. 1 XML (XML indexing, What Goes Around...)
Presentation: Meeta for Indexing, Garth for Goes Around
Discussion: Haoran for Indexing, Kyle for Goes Around
On Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) (slides: OLAP, Data Cubes)
Presentation: Pooyan for OLAP, Mike for Data Cubes
Discussion: Nguyet for OLAP, Rick for Data Cubes
November 6/8 Data Mining (slides: Apriori, BIRCH)
Presentation: Ashique for Birch, Linda for Apriori
Discussion: April for BIRCH, Massih for Apriori
Project: 5 page midterm status report due
Streaming data (Slides: NiagaraCQ, Aurora)
Presentation: Jiemin for Aurora, Massih for Niagara
Discussion: Shahed for Aurora, Linda for Niagara
November 13/15 Holiday in lieu of Rembrance Day: no class Database Evolution (slides: Model Management Auto Admin)
Presentation: Immad for Auto Admin, Anoop for Model Management
Discussion: Pooyan for Auto Admin, Mike for Model Management
November 20/22 The Role of Theory (slides)
Presentation: Jerry
Discussion: Ashique
Project reports:
Linda and Pooyan
Debo and Meeta
Haoran and Jiemin
Anoop and Mirna
November 27/29 Project reports:
Mike Lawrence
Dutch and Ashique
Project reports:
Shahed and Immad
Rick and Jerry
Hoyt, Massih, and Nguyet

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