Stat 302 : Introduction to Probability

Course schedule

Stat 302 - 201 (Doucet): 2 lectures per week (Tuesday & Thursday from 2.00 to 3.30) in  MATX 1100.

Stat 302 - 202 (Zamar): 3 lectures per week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1.00 to 2.00) in ANSO 207.

Office hours (TA: Jing Dong & Libo Lu): Tuesday 4-5pm (LSK 301), Wednesday 2-3pm (LSK 312), Thursday 10-11am (LSK 312) and Friday 10-11am (LSK 301) .

Office hour (Zamar): via appointment.
Office hour (Doucet): via appointment.

Textbook & Course contents

Sheldon Ross, A First Course in Probability - 8th Edition, Prentice Hall.
We will follow quite closely the textbook.


Slides for Stat 302 - 201  (Doucet)

Exercises will be given approximately weekly: they will NOT be marked and only partial solutions will be provided. You are strongly encouraged to use the available office hours if you need help with these.

Grading and grading policy

* If you decide not to do the 3rd assignment, then: 2 assignments (20%), mid-term exam (30%) and final exam (50%).
* If you decide to do the 3rd assignment, then: 3 assignments (25%), mid-term exam (30%) and final exam (45%).

All assignments are to be posted in a box outside Department of Statistics administrative office. They are due on the specified time.
30% off for less than one day late. Assignments will not be accepted after more than one day late.

Assignment 1
Solutions assignment 1

Assignment 2
Solutions assignment 2

Assignment 3
Solutions assignment 3

In any case, you need to get over 50% at the final exam to pass.