CPSC 504: Schedule

Paper Selection Information

Week of: Monday Wednesday
January 5/7 Introduction & class outline - what data do you have?
slides in PDF
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Introduction to databases: part 1
Optional reading (note: no need to turn in a review
- the next one will be the one I
will tell you what you
would have gotten if I were grading,
but will not actually grade)
Preliminary slides for next two classes in PDF
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1 handed out: design a database for your data
January 12/14 Introduction to databases: part 2
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Relational Roots (slides)
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Homework 1 due
January 19/21 Query Optimization Overview (slides)
Presentation: Peter
Discussion: Arseniy
Two query optimizers (slides for Volcano, slides for Starburst)
Presentation: Arseniy
Discussion: David
January 26/28 Query Execution (slides)
Presentation: David
Discussion: Rachel
Project: two page project proposal due
Transaction Processing (slides)
Presentation: Simon
Discussion: Mohammad
February 2/4 Distributed Databases (slides)
Presentation: Tim
Discussion: Yuk Ming
Answering Queries Using Views/Data Integration (slides)
Presentation: Oana
Discussion: Doug
February 9/11 Adaptive Execution (slides )
Presentation: Brendan
Discussion: Dylan, Simon for Tukwila
Object-oriented and Object-relational databases (slides)
Presentation: Jamila
Discussion: James
February 16/18Reading week: no class
February 23/25 XML (slides)
Presentation: Yuk Ming
Discussion: Yong
On Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) (slides)
Presentation: Debojit
Discussion: Ali
Project: 5 page midterm status report due
March 2/4 Data Mining (slides)
Presentation: Ben
Discussion: Oana
Streaming data (Slides: NiagaraCQ, Aurora)
Presentation: Yong
Discussion: Brendan
March 9/11 Model Management (Slides)
Presentation: Ali
Discussion: Monir
The Role of Theory (slides)
Presentation: Srujan
Discussion: Jamila
March 16/18 Advanced Topics/Student Request Potpourri: Business Intelligence (slides)
Presentation: Dylan
Discussion: Debojit
Advanced Topics/Student Request Potpourri: Recommender Systems
Presentation: Mohammad
Discussion: Tim
March 23/25 Advanced Topics/Student Request Potpourri: Information Retrieval (slides)
Presentation: Monir
Discussion: Ben
Advanced Topics/Student Request Potpourri: Temporal and spatial databases.
Presentation: Doug for temporal, James for spatial (slides)
Discussion: Srujan
March 30/April 1 Project Reports:
Mohammad and Monir
Project Reports:
Dylan, Tim, Yuk Ming
April 6/8 Project Reports:
Project Report:
Jamila, Oana, and Simon
Tuesdsay, April 14: Project: final report due

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