Visualization Analysis and Design

Tamara Munzner. Visualization Analysis and Design. A K Peters Visualization Series, CRC Press, 2014.

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  • List of Chapters
    • Ch 1. What's Vis, and Why Do It?
    • Ch 2. What: Data Abstraction
    • Ch 3. Why: Task Abstraction
    • Ch 4. Analysis: Four Levels for Validation
    • Ch 5. Marks and Channels
    • Ch 6. Rules of Thumb
    • Ch 7. Arrange Tables
    • Ch 8. Arrange Spatial Data
    • Ch 9. Arrange Networks and Trees
    • Ch 10. Map Color and Other Channels
    • Ch 11. Manipulate View
    • Ch 12. Facet into Multiple Views
    • Ch 13. Reduce Items and Attributes
    • Ch 14. Embed: Focus+Context
    • Ch 15. Analysis Case Studies


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Course Usage

Instructors can use this book in different ways: some work their way through Chapters 1 through 15 in order they appear in the book, some use many of the chapters but in a customized order, and some use just a few selected chapters as part of a mix with other materials. You'll see examples of all of these approaches in the links below. Let me know if you use the book in your course and I'll add it to the list!

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