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LCI Forum

What and Why? The LCI Forum is our biweekly meeting, at which we discuss LCI matters and group related issues, share AI and other news, and give brief reports from trips and conferences. An integral part of each LCI Forum is a research talk, given by LCI members, associate members, or visitors. Rumor has it, though, that the real reason behind their popularity is the food. The LCI Fora provide a great opportunity for meeting other members of the lab, hearing about interesting developments, and finally finding out what the person working at the next desk is really working on ;-) The talks are also great opportunities to practice for conference presentations. Standard LCI Forum talks are 30 minutes long, including questions and discussion; we usually try to give out-of-lab visitors about 45 minutes.

When and Where? LCI Fora run biweekly throughout the academic year and during most of the summer. We hold the forum in the ICICS/CS building, room 146, the LCI meeting space, at 12:00 pm.

2010/2011 Season:

Sept 13 Beginning of year forum: no talk... PIZZA!
Sept 27 Julien Cornebise UBC - Title: Monte-Carlo Inference for Population Pharmaco(kinetics|dynamics)
Author: Julien Cornebise, Gareth Peters, Arnaud Doucet
Oct 18 Gabriel Murray UBC - Title: Abstractive Summarization of Conversations
Nov 1 Shakir Mohamed, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Title: Sparse Exponential Family Latent Variable Models
Nov 15 Samad Kardan - UBC - Title: A Framework for Capturing Distinguishing User Interaction Behaviors in Novel Interfaces
Nov 29 Emtiyaz Mohammad Khan - Title: Variational Bounds for Mixed-Data Factor Analysis
Dec 13 NIPS conf. and workshops reports .... PIZZA!


Jan 10 Jackie Cheung (CS UofT) - Title: Topological Field Parsing for Discourse Modeling in German
Jan 24 Benjamin Marlin (UBC) Title: Piecewise Bounds for Logistic-Gaussian Integrals
Feb 7 LCI Student research mini-talks (3 students; 10 min each)
Feb 21 Oliver Schulte (CS SFU) Title: A tractable pseudo-likelihood function for Bayes nets applied to relational data
Mar 7 Byron Knoll (UBC CS) Title: Classification Using the PAQ8 Data Compression Algorithm
Mar 21 Oana Sandu (UBC CS) Title: Domain adaptation for automatic summarization of human conversations
Apr 4 Shafiq Joty (UBC CS) Title: Unsupervised Modeling of Dialog Acts in Asynchronous Conversations
Apr 18 Leon French (UBC Bioinformatics) Title: Machine Learning for Neuroinformatics
May 2 Jo-Anne Ting (UBC CS) Title: Semi-supervised Learning for Identifying Players from Broadcast Sports Videos with Play-by-Play Information
May 16 John Chia (UBC CS) Title: Non-parametric Contextual Bandits
May 30 David Mitchell (SFU CS) Title: A Logical Approach to Representing and Solving Search Problems
Jun 13 Jan Ulrich (Optemo) Title: Startup Experience: Using AI for E-Commerce
Jun 27 no forum - have a happy Summer!

Signing up for a slot. If you're interested in giving a forum talk, feel free to pick any unscheduled time from the list above and contact Gabriel Murray. LCI student research mini-talks can also usually be rescheduled if one of those times works best for you.

See schedules and abstracts from previous LCI Fora:

(LCI Fora were held for years, if not decades, before April 2001 when we started listing them on the web.)

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