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LCI Forum

What and Why? The LCI Forum is our biweekly meeting, at which we discuss LCI matters and group related issues, share AI and other news, and give brief reports from trips and conferences. An integral part of each LCI Forum is a research talk, given by LCI members, associate members, or visitors. Rumor has it, though, that real reason behind their popularity is the food. The LCI Fora provide a great opportunity for meeting other members of the lab, hearing about interesting developments, and finally finding out what the person working at the next desk is really working on ;-) The talks are also great opportunities to practice for conference presentations. Standard LCI Forum talks are 20min with about 10min for questions and discussion.

When and Where? LCI Fora run biweekly throughout the academic year and during most of the summer. In the 2007/2008 season we'll hold the forum in the ICICS/CS building, room 146, the LCI meeting space, at 12:00 pm.

2007/2008 Season:

Sept 17 Beginning of year forum: no talk
Oct 1 Per-Erik ForssÚn, Shape Descriptors for Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
Oct 15 Carlo Menon (SFU), Biomimetics, new paradigms for (space) robot design
Oct 29 LCI Student research mini-talks (3 students; 10 min each)
Nov 19 Roman Holenstein, Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Dec 3 LCI Student research mini-talks (2 students; 10 min each, and Ian Mitchell talking about CPSC 532M: Topics in AI: Dynamic Programming)
Winter break
Jan 14 Matt Brown, Learning Local Image Descriptors
Jan 28 Daichi Mochihashi (NTT Japan), Infinite Markov Models and Related Topics
Feb 11 Bob Woodham, Tutorial on Expectation Maximization (EM)
Feb 25 LCI Student research mini-talks (3 students; 10 min each)
Mar 10 Hoyt Koepke, A Bayesian Approach to Cluster Validation.
Mar 31 Gabriel Murray, Extrinsic Evaluation of Speech Summarization: A Decision Audit Task
Apr 14 Jacek Kisynski, First-Order Probabilistic Inference
Apr 28 Cristina Conati, Towards User-Adaptive Visualizations
May 12 Lin Xu, SATzilla: A Portfolio Approach to Algorithm Selection for SAT
May 26 LCI Student research mini-talks (3 students; 10 min each)
Jun 9 Mark Schmidt, An Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Group Sparsity
Jun 23 Erik Zawadzki, Empirically Evaluating Multiagent Learning Algorithms

Import these dates into your calendar. All the forum dates for this year are available for import into most major calendar programs in this archive. If you're interested in the steering committee dates (i.e., if you're a faculty member, or if you've been elected as a student or post-doc representative) they're also available here.

Signing up for a slot. If you're interested in giving a forum talk, feel free to pick any unscheduled time from the list above and contact Kevin Leyton-Brown. LCI student research mini-talks can also usually be rescheduled if one of those times works best for you.

See schedules and abstracts from previous LCI Fora:

(LCI Fora were held for years, if not decades, before April 2001 when we started listing them on the web.)

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