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2001/2002 Season:
02/08/23 Matthew Brown: "Markov Matting"
02/08/09 Kees van den Doel: "Measurements of Perceptual Quality of Contact Sound Models"
02/07/26 Holger Hoos: "An Adaptive Noise Mechanism for WalkSAT"
02/07/12 Glendon Holst (SFU): "Representing von Neumann-Morgenstern Games in the Situation Calculus"
(work by Oliver Schulte and Jim Delgrande)
02/06/28 Mike Cline: "Architecture of a Rigid Body Simulation System"
02/06/14 Leslie Tung: "A Clique Tree Algorithm Exploiting Context Specific Independence"
02/05/17 Michael Pavlin: "Stochastic Search Approaches to the Multiprocessor Total Tardiness Scheduling"
02/05/03 Randy Sharp: "Multilingual Machine Translation"
02/04/19 Oxana Chakoula: "Bayesian clustering of discrete Markov chains for predicting Web-page accesses"
02/04/05 Jesse Hoey: "Clustering Contextual Facial Display Sequences"
02/03/08 Cristina Conati: "Generating Tailored Example Solutions to Help Students Learn"
02/02/08 Holger Hoos: "GUIDO/MIR - an Experimental Musical Information Retrieval System based on GUIDO Music Notation"
02/01/11 Richard Rosenberg: "Health Information in Canada: Can Privacy Be Protected?"
01/12/14 Holger Hoos: Why I don't trust my research when my life is at stake - on the limits of stochastic local and any other kind of search (Christmas forum)
01/12/07 Simon Leonard (University of Alberta): Tracking the joints of articulated objects without a priori shape models
01/11/23 Holger Hoos: Irregular Behaviour in SLS Algorithms for SAT
01/11/09 Mario Enriquez: A Pneumatic Tactile Alerting System for the Driving Environment
01/10/26 Jack van Rijswijck (U of Alberta, Electronic Arts): "Artificial Intelligence for Sports Games"
01/10/12 Pantelis Elinas: "Interactive Directed Exploration for Mobile Robots"
01/09/28 Lee Iverson (SRI International): "NODAL: A Filesystem for Ubiquitous Collaboration"
01/09/14 Pantelis Elinas: "Jose, autonomously serving mankind"

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