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2003/2004 Season:
04/08/13 Maryam Mahdaviani: See Aibo Project to Krylov Subspaces. (joint work with Nando de Freitas)
04/07/30 Kasia Muldner: Scaffolding Self-Explanation to Improve Learning in Exploratory Learning Environments.
04/07/16 Robert Sim: Self-Organizing Visual Maps
04/06/18 Giuseppe Carenini and Rita Sharma: Exploring more Realistic Evaluation Measures for Collaborative Filtering
04/06/04 Heather Maclaren: Using Biometric Sensors for Detecting User Emotions in Educational Games
04/05/21 Fahong Li: Description, Analysis and Prediction of Player Actions in Selected Hockey Game Situations
04/05/07 Dave Tomkpkins: UBCSAT: An Implementation and Experimentation Environment for SLS Algorithms for SAT and MAX-SAT
04/04/23 Eric Brochu: MILQ
04/03/12 Kees van del Doel: Physically-based Models for Liquid Sounds
04/02/27 Kevin Leyton-Brown: Local Effect Games
04/02/13 Robert Sim: On Visual Maps and their Automatic Construction
04/01/30 Don Murray: Patchlets: a method of interpolating 3D data from correlation-based stereo vision
04/01/16 Toby Walsh (University College Cork): Reasoning and Representing Preferences of Multiple Agents
(joint work with Francesca Rossi and Brent Venable)
03/11/21 Andrea Bunt: What Role Can Adaptive Support Play in an Adaptable System?
03/11/21 Jesse Hoey: Decision Theoretic Learning of Gestures and Facial Displays
03/11/07 Enrique Sucar : Visual Recognition of Gestures using Dynamic Naive Bayesian Classifiers
03/10/23 Albert Xin Jiang: First Experimental Results of ProbCut Applied to Chess
03/10/10 Dave Tompkins: Scaling and Probabilistic Smoothing: Dynamic Local Search for Unweighted MAX-SAT
03/09/26 Robert St-Aubin: Probabilistic Constraint Nets: A unified framework for the modeling and analysis of probabilistic hybrid systems
03/09/12 Beginning-of-year forum (no talk).

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