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LCI Forum

What and Why? The LCI Forum is our biweekly meeting, at which we discuss LCI matters and group related issues, share AI and other news, and give brief reports from trips and conferences. An integral part of each LCI Forum is a research talk, given by LCI members, associate members, or visitors. Rumor has it, though, that real reason behind their popularity is the food. The LCI Fora provide a great opportunity for meeting other members of the lab, hearing about interesting developments, and finally finding out what the person working at the next desk is really working on ;-) The talks are also great opportunities to practice for conference presentations. Standard LCI Forum talks are 20min with about 10min for questions and discussion.

When and Where? LCI Fora run biweekly throughout the academic year and during most of the summer. In the 2005/2006 season we'll hold the forum in CICSR 146, the LCI meeting space, at 12:30 pm.

2005/2006 Season:

Sept 12

Beginning of year forum; Asher Lipson, Empirically Evaluating Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Sept 26 Mark Crowley, Shielding Against Conditioning Side-Effects in Graphical Models
Oct 3 Joseph Luk (UBC) and Jerome Pasquero (visiting from McGill), Handheld Haptics with a Lateral Skin-Stretch Tactile Display
Oct 24 Mark Schmidt, Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation
Nov 7 Frank Hutter, Automated Parameter Tuning based on Runtime Prediction
Nov 21 Yong Gao (UBC Okanagan), Phase Transitions and Typical-case Complexity: Easy (Hard) Aspects of Hard (Easy) Problems
Dec 12 Brian Milch (Berkeley), BLOG: Probabilistic Models with Unknown Objects
Jan 9 Nicole Immorlica (Microsoft), Click-Fraud Resistant Methods for Learning Click-Through Rates
Jan 23 Per-Erik Forssen, Research on Cognitive Vision Architectures in Linkoping
Feb 6 Michael Chiang, Learning First-Order Probabilistic Models
Feb 20 Julia Vogel, Semantic Scene Modeling and Retrieval
Mar 6 Daniel Eaton, Where Am I?
Mar 20 Albert Jiang, Bidding Agents for Online Auctions with Hidden Bids
Apr 3 Matthew Trentacoste, Photometric Image Processing for High Dynamic Range Displays
Apr 24 Nicolas Saunier (UBC Civil Engineering), Automated Road Safety Analysis Using Video Sensors
May 1 Kevin Murphy, Bayesian Concept Learning
May 15 Wei Luo (SFU CS), Learning Bayesian Networks in Semi-deterministic Systems
May 29 Kevin Leyton-Brown, Computers and Markets: Exploring the Intersection of CS, Microeconomics and Game Theory
June 12 Bob Woodham, I See It Moving, Now What? The Interpretation of Visual Motion
June 26 Bob Hearn, Games, Puzzles, and Computation
July 10 Albert Jiang, A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Action-Graph Games
July 17 Joseph Luk, Using Haptics to Address Mobile Interaction Design ChallengesNote: this forum will begin at 11:15 am.

See schedules and abstracts from previous LCI Fora:

(LCI Fora were held for years, if not decades, before April 2001 when we started listing them on the web.)

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