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2000/2001 Season:
01/08/17 Maja Dimitrijevic: "Mining for the Frequent Patterns in 2D Motion Trajectories - Sport Analysis"
01/07/20 Giuseppe Carenini: "Refining a Linear Model Of the User's Preferences from Holistic Comparisons"
01/06/29 Reynald Hoskinson: "Acoustic Ecologies: Manipulation and Resynthesis with Natural Grains"
01/06/15 Jesse Hoey: "Ecological Facial Expression Recognition"
01/06/01 Hamish Carr: "Molecular Scene Analysis & Critical Point Graphs"
01/05/25 SPECIAL EVENT: Peter Gorniak (MIT Media Lab): "Grounded Cross-Modal Language Acquisition"
01/05/18 Andrea Bunt, Cristina Conati, Michael Huggett, Kasia Muldner:
"On improving the effectiveness of open learning environment through tailored support for exploration"
(This talk was also given at the LCI KR/PE Meeting on May 9th.)
01/05/04 Stephen Se: "Vision-based Mobile Robot Localization and Mapping using Scale-Invariant Features"
01/04/20 David Poole: "Dimensions of representations for acting under uncertainty: what we want and why we can't have it"
(Invited opening talk for the AAAI Stanford Spring Symposium on Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents)
(LCI Fora were held for years, if not decades, before April 2001 when we started listing them on the web.)

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