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2002/2003 Season:
03/07/25 Rita Sharma: Efficient Inference in Large Discrete Domains
03/07/11 KangKang Yin: FootSee:an Interactive Animation System
03/06/27 Kees van den Doel: SoundView: Sensing Color Images by Kinesthetic Audio
03/06/06 Bob Hearn: Putting Brooks and Minsky Together
03/05/30 Kevin Smyth: Iterated Robust Tabu Search for MAX-SAT
03/05/02 Alena Shmygelska: An Improved Ant Colony Optimisation Algorithm for the 2D HP Protein Folding Problem
03/04/04 Youwei Zhang: Direct Surface Extraction from 3D Freehand Ultrasound Images
03/04/17 Kenji Okuma: Automatic Acquisition of Motion Trajectories: Tracking Hockey Players
03/03/21 Tim Beamish: D'Groove - The World's First Digital Haptic Turntable
03/03/07 Paul Cooper: Pictures on the Internet: Infrastructure Architecture and Application Examples
03/02/22 Special reading break forum; guest star: Dinesh Pai
03/02/07 Short project overviews (2)
03/01/24 Short project overviews (1)
03/01/10 Start-of-term Forum (no talk, but lots of opportunities for signing up for talks)
02/12/11 Special Holiday Forum (no talk, but nice food and more ...)
02/11/22 Mario Enriquez: "A study of Haptic Icons"
02/11/08 Eric Brochu: "Name that Song!: A Probabilistic Approach to Querying on Music and Text"
02/10/25 Peter Carbonetto: "Object recognition as machine translation"
(joint work with Nando de Freitas)
02/10/11 Xiaohong Zhao: "Adaptive support to student learning in educational games"
(joint work with Cristina Conati)
02/09/27 Xiaoming Zhou: "An affective student model to assess students' emotions in an educational game"
(joint work with Cristina Conati)
02/09/20 Special forum: LCI Research Overview
02/09/13 Paul Kry: "EigenSkin: Real Time Large Deformation Character Skinning in Hardware"

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