CPSC 504: Tentative Schedule

Paper Selection Information

You should sign up for different days to present and lead the discussion on. For the moment, please sign up for a day rather than a paper - I'll readjust if there are enough people in the class to do so. Please note that paper sign up is first come first served. To sign up for papers to present or discuss, send me e-mail.

Note that accessing many of these papers may require being logged into the VPN

Week of: Tuesday Thursday
January 6/8 Introduction & class outline - what data do you have?
slides in PDF
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Introduction to databases: part 1
Optional reading (note: no need to turn in a review - the next one will be the one I will tell you what you would have gotten if I were grading, but will not actually grade)
Preliminary slides for next two classes in PDF
Rachel presents and leads discussion
January 13/15 Introduction to databases: part 2
Rachel presents and leads discussion
Relational Roots(slides)
Rachel presents and leads discussion
January 20/22 Query Optimization Overview (Slides: System R and overview)
Homework due: design a database for your data
Presentation: Peter
Discussion: Joyita
Two query optimizers (slides)
Presentation: Laura
Discussion: Keqian
January 27/29 Query Execution (slides)
Presentation: Sampoorna
Discussion: Rachel
Project: one page project proposal due
Transaction Processing (slides)
Presentation: Jessica
Discussion: Sampoorna
February 3/5 Answering Queries Using Views/Data Integration
Presentation: Omar
Discussion: Jessica
Adaptive Execution (Slides)
Presentation: Ben
Discussion: Yidan
February 10/12 Object-oriented and Object-relational databases (Slides)
Presentation: Rachel
Discussion: Omar
XML (Slides: Querying XML, indexing XML)
Presentation: Manikandan
Discussion: Vyas
February 17/19 Reading week: no class
February 24/26 40 years of data models: what goes around comes around
Presentation: Joyita
Discussion: Peter
On Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) (Slides: OLAP, cubes)
Presentation: Parminder
Discussion: Kailang
Project: 4 page midterm status report due
March 3/5 Parallel Databases and No SQL
Presentation: Hootan
Discussion: Ben
Rachel out of town: no class (the next set of readings is long! Start early!)
March 10/12 Critiquing No SQL
Presentation: Keqian
Discussion: Hootan
Presentation: Vyas
Discussion: Manikandan
March 17/19 Data Mining
Presentation: Yidan
Discussion: Parminder
The Role of Theory
Presentation: Kailang
Discussion: Laura
March 24/26 Advanced Topics/Student Request Potpourri: security
Rachel out of town: no class. Paper responses are optional for make up points
Advanced Topics/Student Request Potpourri: Top-K query processing
Rachel out of town: no class. Paper responses are optional for make up points
March 31/April 2 Paper reading wrap up & EDBT discussion: no reading (slides) Future of DBMS research
April 7/9 Project Reports:
Jessica, Kailang, and Laura
Ben and Yidan
Peter and Sampoorna
Project Reports:
Mani and Vyas
Tuesday, April 14 Project: final report due

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